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Phaidon International


London, United Kingdom



Phaidon International, the parent company of five specialist recruitment brands, exists to solve one of the top challenges faced by organizations and business leaders globally – attracting and securing talent. As a global recruitment firm, Phaidon International plays a vital role in helping our clients navigate this challenge, finding the talent that will allow them to drive their business forward in constantly changing and evolving markets.

​Since Phaidon International was founded in London in 2004, we have played a key role in the growth of our clients, through a model of long-term partnership and in depth understanding of the markets we serve. We know that finding the best talent in the market for our clients is an essential part of their success and know that top candidates often have several choices when looking for a new opportunity. Serving in an advisory capacity and drawing on our extensive knowledge of our market sectors and clients, we strive to secure these candidates for our clients over their competition.

​Our integrated network of 12 office hubs globally allows our teams within each brand identify hard to find, and highly sought-after talent from a local, regional, and global perspective. Our consultant’s expertise ensures they can identify and deliver candidates with the behaviors, competencies and cultural fit needed to produce superior commercial results.

We believe in helping the clients and candidates we work with to reimagine their potential. Whether it’s supporting the growth of our client’s team by finding a business-critical hire, or guiding candidates throughout their career journey, we believe in mutual trust and understanding built through long-term partnerships. This core belief defines our business internally as well, where our values of Ability, Loyalty, and Character are at the heart of our meritocratic and high growth culture. This model has allowed us to consistently deliver exceptional results and replicate our high growth culture in our offices around the world.

Phaidon International is certified with APSCO. This certification ensures we operate at the highest level of professionalism and are committed to best practice in the recruitment sector.

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